5 PIXELS CO., LTD. is a high quality printing company in Myanmar offering the full range of printing services: offset printing, inkjet and silkscreen over a decade to a variety of clients operating across many different industry sectors: Government, Telecom companies, NGOs, INGOs, UN organizations, Medical companies and other leading companies. We offer One-stop service for all your printing requirements throughout the prepress, printing, finishing, binding and packaging process. Now, we are delivering our best services with over 150 qualified employers and modernized machines. Our professionalism, loyalty and strong commitment to quality, service and technology has truly benefited our customers over the years.
We aim to satisfy your company’s need for reliable, fast and cost effective printing and services. We are always seeking better ways to improve our ability to service our clients. You can always count on us and we can offer the most comprehensive range of printed products and services. We look forward to meeting with you to find out how we can best meet your printing needs.